What does that make us?

Big Damn Heroes.

Ever wonder what the Haunt Me does when their not filming their webseries?  The team that brings you to the scariest places in Maine, brings you award winning short films as well!

Currently we are in production for the upcoming film festival: Damnationland.  You may have seen the trailer we created last year, which many of you voted for (thanks by the way!)  With your support, we won the contest and will be featured in the festival this October!  For a glimpse into the film, check out the video below:

Written by Ty, and directed by Charlie with Michael on camera, your Haunt Me team is about to bring you even more terrifying thrills.  Over the next 3 months we will be prepping, rehearsing, designing, and filming this 15 minute movie.  This is our biggest film excursion yet!!

This is no small project.  (I know a fifteen minute movie cannot possibly take 3+ months to put together – you’re right, it takes longer!) Right now we are in the organizational stage,  making sure all the moving pieces, are coordinating, and, well, moving.  It starts with a strict schedule, and many, many, email reminders about deadlines, followed by several production meetings for costumes, make up, and script revisions.  Up next we have casting, and finally the rehearsal process where we will work on the fight choreography, and of course,  the acting.

Follow us as at Big Damn Heroes on Facebook as we film this production, and keep an eye out for our Kickstarter!  We have some great prizes available making you an integral part of the Big Damn Heroes team.


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