The Author

Mostly found behind the camera, I can, on occasion, be heard clattering down the hall in my high-heels as I struggle to reconcile my love for paranormal investigation and improper footwear (as well as find my sneakers, which, I undoubtedly left in the car.)  As a Production Assistant on Haunt-ME, I, along with several other crew members, follow our team of investigators through incredible locations in hopes of catching evidence of the Paranormal.

Since childhood, the paranormal has both intrigued and terrified me.  When the opportunity came to help my friends explore the unknown, I was more than happy to join in their adventures.  With so many claims of paranormal activity in Mane, how could you not? It is an ever growing mystery, but one I am eager to continue to explore with our team of investigators, and, of course, viewers/readers like you!

Join me, as I learn more about the mystery that is the paranormal, as well as what it takes to create a successful web-series!  Is it Haunted or not?  Join us and find out.


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