Ghostly Visions

As a crew member on Haunt ME, I do not interact with the paranormal often (I have a tendency to scream, so, a lack of direct communication when filming is not such a bad thing.)  This is not to say I have not had any experiences at all, just, not on camera.

That being said, I can attest to the GRCC being one of the most interesting and terrifying places I have ever experienced, and I keep going back. 

 As I am sure you can see from the episode The Magician, the GRCC is HUGE: three floors, not including the basement (which is just as terrifying as you are imagining.) 

Over the last two to three years, we have been lucky enough to explore the GRCC about 5 times, each with a different experience.  Some we have captured on camera, others were personal experiences, but all very real.

Our Experiences

  1. The voice in the hall.

    When we first scouted the GRCC for a potential episode (this was my first experience ghost hunting by the way)  we started the evening in the gymnasium listening to rapid footsteps as they circled the catwalk.  We moved into the locker room across the hall and sat with the K2 facing the hall, and the recorders in our hands.  We sat, intermittently asking questions, when in the silence Ty and I hear, as if someone were walking own the hall: “I’m coming.”  I managed to capture it on my digital recorder which is too old to transfer onto my computer.  Irony.

  2. A child in the dance room.

    We had a chance to investigate the GRCC with a few friends of ours and their 8 year old son this past fall.  In exploring the dance room, we connected with a spirit who claims their favorite color is yellow.  Watch the clip below!

  3. The voice in the basement.

    Ty and I had an unnerving experience where we were touring with a group of investigators.  A spirit had been walking with us and stopped at the door.  There was another spirit waiting in the back of the room (unbeknownst to us.)  When we realized the first spirit didn’t want to move because of who was lurking there, we booked it.
    Cue my second visit to the basement months later.  We were doing an EVP session in the basement and we get several answers.  Check it out:

    It’s always interesting when the spirits remember you…

  4. When objects move.

    Some of you may have seen this video from a couple of summers ago… but it’s a really cool moment that we have yet been able to debunk…(please be aware – adult language is used)

  5. Information download

    My final experience I debated about writing about.  We have no evidence, other than what I think I saw.  In the gymnasium, our whole group (Ty, Johnny, and Cory) was instantly aware of a looming presence at the back of the catwalk.  We continued to investigate when I had a moment where this vision, for lack of a better term, of a bald man with a sunken face in flowing black clothing popped into my mind.  Now, I have never heard of a description of the figure Ashley saw except that he was bald, so I am not sure what my experience was, but it was definitely unnerving.



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